Swimming Pool Defect – Has anybody you know spent three million dollars on a pool which you could not use?

Kelley Clarke PC litigated a swimming pool defect case for many years.  We fought the case hard, even obtaining a reversal of a trial court’s dismissal of some defendants in the Sixth District Court of Appeal in Santa Clara, California.  KC attorneys began picking a jury in a remote courthouse in Monterey County.  KC’s finesse with jury selection process revealed a favorable jury.  This pushed the defendants toward final resolution of the swimming pool defect case.  All told, KC collected several million dollars from the general contractor and numerous subcontractors.  These defendants constructed a very expensive pool which the property owner could never use because of the swimming pool defect.

Swimming Pool Defect Caused Electrical Tingling Sensation to Caretaker

Shortly after construction, a principal subcontractors felt a “tingling” sensation in his hand when he inserted a metal pole into the pool water.  That subcontractor told the owner not to use the pool.  The contractors committed a fatal error when constructing the pool – they failed to properly establish equipotential bonding of the pool’s metal components.  This is the most serious and dangerous swimming pool defect of all.  Equipotential bonding is the pool’s main safety system which prevents deadly electrocutions when voltage may be introduced into the pool by lightning, power lines or other sources.

An effective team of top experts in their field assisted KC’s effective representation of the client:

-Michael Shotwell, AIA, Sharpsburg, GA 30277

-Michael Sorenson, California Pools – San Gabriel, 3106 E Garvey Avenue South, #A, West Covina, CA 91791

-Douglas R. Ferrell, P.E., Patrell Engineering Group, Inc., 751 Sunny Grove Lane, Glendora, CA  91741

-Bob Herzig, P.E., Herzig Engineering Consulting Engineering Services, Nashua Office Building – Suite 104, 11108 North Oak Street Trafficway, Kansas City, MO  64155

-Paolo (Paul) Benedetti, Aquatic Technology, P.O. Box 130, Morgan Hill, CA 95038-0130

-Kevin L Humphrey, Exact One Enterprises, Inc., dba Current Pro Electric, C-10  770282, 13430 Trego Street, Sylmar, CA  91342

If anyone has any questions about equipotential bonding or defective construction of swimming pools in general, don’t hesitate to ask.