The Essential Reasons To Employ A Tax Attorney

By Dugan P. Kelley

There is nothing more frightening, confusing, or timeb/resource consuming for a business or an individual than to have a TAX PROBLEM.  At Kelley Clarke PC, our team can provide you a Board Certified tax attorney and legal expertise to guide you through even the most complex tax problems.  Please call our office immediately if you are facing a Tax problem (letter from the IRS, Tax Court, or any other Tax related problem).  Having the right team member by your side is essential.

Here are some essential reasons to employ a tax attorney:

What is Your Time Worth:

Let’s face the truth, the IRS and its changing codes are confusing and can suck up all of your time. Hiring a Tax Attorney can save you hundreds if not thousands of hours in lost time.

Tax Problems Need Immediate Attention:

You don’t have the luxury to hope this problem disappears. It must be dealt with immediately.  If you don’t deal with your Tax problem immediately, you can face further fines, complications, or even jail time.  New businesses need competent tax attorney to advise you about the tax impact of their structure.  Don’t wait, call Kelley Clarke now.

Each Year Brings New Challenges:

The Tax Code and Laws are always changing. Even if you have survived prior years unscathed, don’t simply assume that this new-year will be the same.  It is always wise to meet with your tax attorney for the upcoming year to discuss any changes and the impact it may have on you individually or as a business.

How Income Is Treated:

The IRS’ rules and definitions on what is gross income and how it is defined. A tax attorney can help walk you through the gross income maze.  Failure to do it properly can result in fines and penalties.

States Also Have Taxes:

If you own a business that provides services or products outside of your home state, you need to understand the tax obligations of those other states.

Employment Taxes:

If you have employees or no employees, there are different regulations in the area of employment taxes. Although a sole proprietor may not have to pay business taxes, they may have to pay employer and employee taxes as they may be considered both.

Your Business Entity:

Different business structures have different tax obligations.


While taking business deductions is one of the greatest incentives for individuals and businesses, it can also be complicated and confusing. Don’t try to do this on your own.  Speak with a tax attorney for specific advice to your situation.

Changes to your Business or Structure:

Life changes. The business structure you started with may not be the best for you later as you grow or add employees.  Kelley Clarke can walk you through those changes that are necessary to make that are essential for your growth.

IRS Doesn’t Care About Your Naivety:

The IRS doesn’t care about the fact that you didn’t know what you were doing. You will need to have a qualified tax attorney by your side that will protect you, your family, and your business.

Dugan Kelley is a founding shareholder in Kelley Clarke PLLC with offices in Prosper, Texas and Santa Barbara, California.